Demolition Doesn't Have to Leave a Mess

Get help from a contained demolition company based in Aurora, CO

One of the worst parts of demolition is the huge cloud of dust it creates. But you don't need to accept the dust and debris that usually comes with demolition services. Liberty Environmental, LLC is a contained demolition company based out of Aurora, CO that can knock down walls and structures without causing a huge mess.

Our contractor will use fans, filters and protective covers to trap, collect and remove dust from your home. You won't be stuck with a big cleanup project after the demolition work is complete.

Find out more about our dust-free demolition service by calling 720-949-8600 today.

3 reasons to choose contained demolition

It might sound easier to just quickly knock down a wall and worry about cleaning up the mess later. But construction debris and dust can cause a lot of problems for your home and family. Use our dust-free demolition service because...

Leftover dust can circulate through your air and contribute to allergy symptoms and illnesses.
You won't have to worry about dust contaminating and potentially ruining your belongings.
The best way to make sure your house is completely clean of dust is to prevent it from spreading at all.

There's no reason to let dust flood your home. Contact our contained demolition company for your demolition project.